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Welcome To Bespoke Solutions

CONSYSTEX is an Australian manufacturing company that specialises in innovative and bespoke concrete formwork solutions. We consult, design and manufacture a range of innovative technologies that are shaping the way we think about the future of formwork.  Serving over 2000 projects and clients nationally and across the globe, Consystex is pioneering the most advanced and revolutionary formwork solutions that continue to transform contemporary approaches to architecture and our built environment

About Us


Consystex Core Values

Consystex values integrity, creativity, innovation, and diversity. These define the company’s culture and guide decision making. Consystex upholds honesty, transparency, and its values with scustomers. It also encourages creativity, innovation, and finding unique ways to solve problems. Diversity is celebrated at Consystex, bringing unique perspectives and enriching the company overall.


Our Mission

Our mission guides us towards achieving our purpose and making a positive impact on the world. It inspires us to be our best and is a way of life that embodies our beliefs. Join us to make the world a better place.


Our Vision

Our clear vision drives our decisions, actions, and interactions. It’s not just a statement, but a belief in innovation, collaboration, and improvement. We foster an inclusive and agile culture to stay ahead and exceed expectations.


Our Values

Our organization values integrity, teamwork, innovation, and community service; they guide our actions and decisions while helping us stay committed to excellence. We conduct ourselves with honesty and transparency to earn the trust of all stakeholders.