Ceiling 2

Project Summery

Customizes soffit, curved ceiling, round corner or the wavy edge could be achieved using our ceiling system, we normally provide solution such a polystyrene lined mould or inserts to be combined with the conventional formwork. A very typical requested is design bespoke inserts to create beams with round corners. Resulting a soffit with different RL’s, as we did in Hassell Parramatta University. The system allows for an easy installation, the blocks normally should be just seated on the deck and hold in position with the vertical shutters making some vertical pressure with some timbers or bridges to avoid floating. Or just connect with the shutter at the edges and build up the shutter on the back of the moulds if the pressure is coming horizontally instead of vertical as normally happens in the beam solutions that we talk. We can allow for a Class-2 or texturize finish.