Customized Columns

Consystex offers the possibility of manufacturing formwork columns in various ways to meet any specifications. There are endless possibilities for you to obtain unique results that fit the needs of your project: Polygonal, asymmetric, egg shape or something more complicated of your own design. Either with our iconic pink tube or with our precision cut, high grade polystyrene, we will guarantee the most practical solution for the required shape. As per example the box system and inserts. The standard type has the class 2 liner for smooth finishing or the customised yellow liner for texture finished. There is no limitation on height. Our technical team will suggest the most suitable system for cost efficiency and structural stability. 

If you require more detailed information about specific sizes, installation instructions, or any additional benefits associated with Consystex Products, it is recommended to consult with Consystex’s technical team. We will provide further details and guidance based on your project’s requirements.