Plinth Solutions

Plinth mould designs of various shapes such as the tapered oval shape of different dimensions on both ends, customized angular shape, tapered chamfered edge, diamond shape, taped profiles, or of any customized design. We can incorporate special features such a channels, grove, and rebates on the concrete surface. It can be achieved by using our box system or bespoke pink tube solution. We use the blue liner or special Epoxi liner for a smooth finish, and there is no limitation on size. Depending on the geometry we can design a top fitting system or a sandwich system that allows you to install the system from the sides of the reo. Our moulds are multiple reusables but should come to our factory after each use for relining, cleaning and transformation if required.
We also provide collaborative design solutions for connecting to various structural elements. For example, when the plinth connects to a circular column. We can pour both elements at once or at different times depending on job requirements.