Round Columns

Round Columns

Consystex Pink Tube is a versatile product offered in various dimensions and customizable heights. The standard diameter ranges from 150mm to 1800mm, and the column type (standard, medium, heavy, extra heavy or super heavy) is determined by the height of the column.

To cater to different aesthetic preferences, Consystex provides three different finishing options. The standard option is the class 3 spiral finish, which gives a distinctive look to the column. Alternatively, there is the class 2 smooth finish, which offers a sleek and polished appearance. Finally, there is the yellow liner texture finish, which provides a textured surface for added visual interest.

For those in need of custom sizes or larger diameter columns, Consystex offers customized poly tubes. These custom columns can be tailored to meet specific requirements without any limitations on height. We can manufacture any length. Pink tubes can be ordered to exact mm. Columns can be marked so that they can be dropped straight in when getting to site. They can also be cut on site. 

If you require more detailed information about specific sizes, installation instructions, or any additional benefits associated with Consystex Products, it is recommended to consult with Consystex’s technical team. We will provide further details and guidance based on your project’s requirements.