Penetration 2

Project Summery

For ceiling opening, we have various solutions such as our penetration system with a solid polystyrene lined void for easy striping and class-2 finish or our signature pink tube reinforced with poly discs to withstand the concrete pressure. Both systems have a tie hole in the centre for an easy set up and keep in position the system during pouring. A Z-Bar and a kicker should run through it to connect to the deck. This can be applied as well in skylights where normally is required an outer system as well to create the wall or parapet connection with the slab in one pour. The design could be of any customised shaped such as tapered, inclined, arch, or angular etc.
Other applications of this inner and outer system are for tank waters, round walls at any shape or diameter. The system can be as well combine with conventional formwork with the creation of polystyrene inserts which allow us to create any shape.