Project Details

Abbotsleigh Junior School, Wahroonga.

  • Client
    Prime Form
  • Builder
    Abbotsleigh Junior School
  • Architect
    Allen Jack + Cottier
  • Our Role
    Consultancy, design, manufacturing and design
  • Products
    Portal Concrete EPS Moulds Boxes and Inserts Combination

Project Summery

The design of the 1,140 m² centre involved a combination of renovating an existing 1950s building and adding a new glass ovoid building, which serves as a striking contrast to the more conventional campus structures. The integration of the library and the new external staircase creates a connection between previously disconnected areas, resulting in a cohesive central hub for the campus. This central area features indoor and outdoor learning spaces surrounding the ovoid glass building, encouraging a dynamic and interactive educational environment. To unify the old and new buildings, an undulating canopy made of glass-reinforced concrete serves as a prominent feature. This canopy acts as a signifier for the library entrance while also providing shelter for an outdoor play area.


Challenge & Solution

The ovoid shape library has 4 concrete portals located along the curve floor plans with customise profile tapered to connect the interior library space and exterior central court or the playground. The design challenge of these portals is the tapered arch along the curve wall.  We proposed a solution that consists of multiple pieces from the jambs to the archivolts. For the jambs we provided two box systems which later connected to the polystyrene box mould prepared for the archivolts atop. The archivolts polystyrene box mould is formed by left and right insert moulds attached to the tapered arch middle piece mould. By assembling all the individual pieces , we were able to create a large mould that facilitated pouring concrete in a single, efficient process.

Our Job