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Project Details

Western Sydney University

  • Client
  • Builder
    Richard Crookes
  • Architect
    Tzannes & Blight Rayners
  • Our Role
    Consultancy, manufacturing and supplying
  • Products
    Plinth, Taped & Round Columns, Sorffie Moulds

Project Summery

The Western Sydney University Parramatta City Campus is situated in close proximity to Parramatta Square and faces the historic Lancer Barracks. The campus includes the Engineering Innovation Hub on its lower levels, while the upper levels house commercial tenancies. The design of the building is noteworthy as it raises the structure to align its soffit datum with the adjacent heritage buildings in Lancer Barracks and a historic corner hotel.

One of the keys aims of the design is to create a visual and physical connection between the street in front of the campus and the Lancer Barracks. By doing so, the building effectively links the street to Parramatta Square and beyond. This design feature enhances the overall integration of the campus with its surrounding urban environment and contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal of the area.


Challange & Solution

The structural and design challenge on the southern façade after placing the core on the eastern edge. The three storeys high podium on southern elevation require a concrete column and steel bracing design with concrete plinth. The plinth design is the oval shape with bigger dimension on top and tapering down to the smaller dimension at the bottom. The top has the angular cut edge to tighten the steel bracing.

The concrete column sit on top of the plinth has the big diameter of 1.5 meter with the height of 6m above and the tapered capitol of over 2.5 meter height which connects the slab and the raking tube. The column design features a rebate design  which is achieved through our semi flexible polystyrene and the custom silicone fillet placed inner for rebate.

Another striking feature of this 19-story educational building is a gracefully curved ceiling soffit with softened edge corners to elevate its aesthetic appeal and seamlessly integrate it with the surrounding environment. Our design solution for the ceiling soffits are custom insert moulds for all corner edges, including the interior open-to-below ceiling soffit. With these meticulously designed moulds, we ensure a visually appealing, cohesive, and well-protected finish throughout the building.

Our Job