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Project Details

Sydney Metro, Martin Place

  • Client
  • Builder
  • Architect
  • Our Role
    Consultancy, manufacturing and supplying
  • Products
    Raking, inclined, round columns, Adits

Project Summery

Sydney Metro Matin Place is a new integrated over-station development for underground pedestrian circulation and public domain enhancement. It consists of two commercial towers and a new metro station, providing a modern and convenient transportation hub in the heart of the city. The location of the towers will be between Castlereagh and Elizabeth Streets, with the south tower adjacent to Martin Place.

One noteworthy aspect of this development is the integration of the north tower with the existing 50 Martin Place building. 50 Martin Place is the headquarters of Macquarie Group and has a rich architectural history. Originally designed by Ross and Rowe in 1925, it underwent a refurbishment by Johnson Pilton Walker in 2014. The integration of the new tower with this historic building will likely create a unique and harmonious architectural blend of the old and the new.

We provide a range of services for the North tower building, specifically focusing on the design and construction of various types of V columns with different sizes and shapes. These columns include combinations of round and square columns, as well as columns with the same geometry.


Challenge & Solution

One of the unique configurations we offer involves a plinth solution combined with an inclined column placed on top. This system requires two separate pours during the construction process to ensure structural integrity and stability.

Additionally, we provide a comprehensive solution for floor-to-ceiling column designs. These columns have a tapered oval shape with different dimensions at the top and bottom. To achieve this design, we use a complete set mould that allows for a single pour, streamlining the construction process.

For the inclined columns, we have developed a specialized system called the raking supporting and pink tube combination. This system offers reliable support and stability for the inclined columns during construction.

Our Job