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Project Details

Holly Monastery, Gosford. 2023

  • Client
    Landmark Project
  • Architect
    Design Delta Architects
  • Our Role
    Consultancy, design, manufacturing and supplying
  • Products
    Dome, Bell Tower, Penditive, Cross Vauld, Arches

Project Summery

The new Chapel of St. Irene at Holy Cross Monastery is a beautiful architectural project inspired by Greek Orthodox Church design. With its emphasis on domes and arches, both on the interior and exterior, the chapel is likely to exude a sense of grandeur, spirituality, and reverence. The major components and structural elements will be accomplished by concrete structure.

Challenge & Solution

We studied the project prudently to provide comprehensive formwork solutions for an orthodox structure, catering to various construction stages specified by the client. We undertake a thorough analysis of the concrete components including concrete dome, dome bell tower, upper and lower bell tower, cross vault, pendentives, arches, windows, and doors, then to address the specific requirements of each architectural element, we have developed a range of mould solutions.

For arches, doors, and windows, we offer block out moulds that allow for the creation of precise voids and openings within the concrete structure. These moulds ensure accurate shaping and placement for concrete pouring. For the Bell Tower we created an outer and inner large-diameter Poly Pink Tubes connected with some arche blockout to create the windows in the wall and withstand the concrete pressure just with top and bottom support.  For the pendentive, dome and vaults we did polystyrene moulds which allows to create the spheric and cylindrical shape achieving a Class  2 finish for the application of our Special Epoxy Lining. Inserts and block moulds are used in conjunction with the poly discs to create intricate details and features of these components. We also provided the set-up information and documentation for the installation of this combination solution. When the installation is finished, this complex concrete form could achieve in one single pour.

Our Job