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Project Details

Domian Station, Melbourne Metro

  • Client
  • Builder
  • Architect
    RSHP, Hassel and Weston Williamson
  • Our Role
    Consultancy, design, manufacturing and supplying
  • Products
    Taped Canopy Plinths Moulds, Columns Inserts and Round Columns

Project Summery

The new domain station or the Anzac station located on the junction of Domain Rd and St Kilda Rd is to improve the access to the St Kilda Road precinct and key Melbourne landmarks. The new structure is taken the concept of “pavilion in the park”, the major structure elements are the wooden canopy roof supported by the steel structure. The new Anzac station structural elements are also following the design concept of pavilion in the park, by eliminating all the sharp angle, thus the main columns are mostly taken the oval form. 

Challenge & Solution

The challenge of these oval columns are the width of over 2 meter and height exceeding 7 meters . These columns also feature the rebate shape in the middle width, top and bottom edge. We applied the oval column insert combined with conventional formwork.

Another solution needed is the construction of oval plinth for the steel bracing column that supports the wooden canopy structure. The oval plinth has different diameters and dimensions on top and bottom, forming a tapering oval volume, which also has the rebate feature at two ends. Our box system is introduced for this design to complete in one pour. We have also provided the set-up information and documents.

Our Job